Here are some of the answers to questions that are often asked by customers selecting fireplaces.

If you have any other questions then please call our Technical, Design and Sales Manager, Gabrielle on 020 8891 5904 or contact us.

Do I need a chimney for your products?

Apart from our flueless products, all our contemporary gas fires require a Class I or Class II chimney. Where there is no chimney and the budget allows, a fan-assisted extract system can be installed.

Can I fit the fireplace myself?

Although the building work element of the installation can be carried out by an unqualified person, the fitting and commissioning of the gas appliance itself must be carried out by a certified gas engineer on the Gas Safe Register.

Should my chimney be inspected?

It is important to have the chimney swept and checked for integrity before ordering your fireplace. This should be done by a N.A.C.S approved chimney sweep.

Should my chimney be lined?

Existing chimneys need to be lined if they are leaking, or crumbling internally. This will be ascertained once the chimney has been swept, and the appropriate measure taken.

I live in an apartment without a flue. Do you have any suitable products?

It is possible to install a fan-assisted extract system, but this can be expensive, and there may be reasons why a fan cannot be mounted externally. In these situations a flueless product might be appropriate.

Do I need any ventilation in the room?

A gas fireplace with an input of over 7kW requires a permanent fresh air vent of 100 square centimetres. Under 7kW input an air vent is not required. Most of the fireplace models in the Platonic Collection fall into this category.

Are your products safe with small children?

When our fires are in operation, children should be kept clear. Children should not be left unsupervised in a room with the gas fire alight. They should also be discouraged from handling the fire objects, which are loosely stacked, even when the fire is off, as the objects may still be warm!

Do I require a gas supply?

The gas fireplaces in our various ranges require a gas supply. Only the electric or electronic fires do not need a gas supply.